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We are currently having indoor boxing! (no parents allowed in gym training area but frequent observation classes are scheduled and we have a waiting room)Our class will teach your child the fundamentals of boxing and self- defense while also teaching them discipline, self- esteem, confidence and the right and wrong time to use boxing in real life situations. We offer opportunities for our students to add fitness as well! Our younger aged classes includes lessons with fun games that keep our students engaged and eager to come to class.

Shan's Jumping Gymnasium is a USA Boxing Certified Gym. Our coaches are USA certified as well. We train all levels and we are in the process of building up our competitive team. We also spar at our gym as well!


 The cost for Boxing Fitness training is 2 classes a week for $125 for 4 weeks. If your child requires additional classes, they can be provided for $25 per class. To register, click the link below. A $25 registration fee is added. Registration and fees are nonrefundable. BOXING GLOVES AND HANDWRAPS ARE REQUIRED! You may purchase hand wraps from our gym for $10. Boxing gloves may be ordered from Amazon or any sporting store.

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