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About Us

Shan's Jumping Gymnasium is a cheerful gymnastic equipped gym that is complete with a selection of creative things for kids to do. We aim our focus on kids that need our love, support, and nurturing.  Since opening, the school has diversified its offerings by hosting gymnastics-themed birthday parties, summer and winter camps, and adult programs. We are also USAG certified!

Our Mission

At SJG, our mission is to enhance the lives of children and their families by providing a safe, fun place full of excitement, and movement. We always put your children’s development and safety at the top of our priorities. We teach them important skills and exercises in a secure environment, making sure that they are out of harm during training. You can also count on us to give your kids an interactive and well-rounded learning experience. Our classes are competitive and non-competitive but challenging at the same time.

Our Objectives

  • To develop a healthy lifestyle and positive self-esteem
  • To provide youth fitness and education in a challenging environment
  • To teach motor skills that are fundamental to physical activity through participation and fun
  • To create a special place that is exciting, fun and safe, where children will want to achieve these goals
  • To teach children and their families the value and the pleasure of physical activity
  • To provide a place where children and their families can play and enjoy being physically active together

Take a look at our programs we offer!

Meet the owner

The owner Mrs. Shanni started the business out of her love for her daughter who is in gymnastics. She enjoys helping her daughter out and supported her all the way. Wanting to help other parents whose children have a love for gymnastics and sports, Shanni decided to start her own sports facility. Her own family is very involved in the gym. Her husband runs the day to day operations and her sons are a part of the boxing program. Mrs. Shanni is also a trained and certified gymnastics instructor. If you are looking for a fun family-oriented place to bring your kids, then come on over to SJG!!

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